Paris terror suspect arrested



Along with two others, Mohamed Abrini was arrested Friday in Anderlecht, Belgium. Abrini was suspected driving those involved in the Paris attack and months later of the deadly bombing in at Brussels Airport.

According to CNN, Belgian federal prosecutor’s spokesman Thierry Werts said, “This investigation is trying to determine as to whether or not Mohamed Abrini was the third person at the Zaventem airport, the so-called man in the black hat.”

This arrest means that Belgian authorities have now at least two people directly tied to the Paris attacks, which includes Salah Abdeslam.

“For French investigators, this can be very big,” said CNN’s Nic Robertson. “This gives you a much stronger position to be in to get to the truth … to (track) other terrorists on the run down,” Robertson said. “And also to understand precisely what happened in Paris.”

A fourth man arrested, identified as Osama K, was being investigated for helping suicide bomber Khalid el-Bakraoui at the Maelbeek metro station. Investigators told CNN that Osama is also known as Naim Al Hamed.  “A French source close to the investigation into ISIS’ terror network in France and Belgium told CNN that European security agencies believe Hamed, or Krayem, had an operational role in the Brussels attack,” CNN reported.

Abrini has a criminal record of violent theft. He also had a younger brother who was fighting for ISIS in 2014.

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