Bunyadi: London’s first naked restaurant

The joint venture of food and nudity can be seen together a single picture (AP Photo/Manu Fernandez)
The joint venture of food and nudity can be seen together a single picture (AP Photo/Manu Fernandez)



Want to enjoy the dinner while naked or clothed? Don’t forget to sign up. Already 33,500 people have signed up for a chance to dine at Central London’s, the Bunyadi. The first, naked dinner restaurant of its type will be offering a variety of food from vegan to non-vegan dishes starting from summer 2016, and will allow the guests to sit in clothed or naked seating areas.

Talking to CNN, Seb Lyall, the founder of  Lollipop company, said, “I am both surprised and excited by the response.” Online promotion on the Bunyadi Restaurant website suggests prospective dinners to sign up for a, “first come, first served basis” deal, so they can get notified when tickets go on sale.  Lollipop is the same company behind the theme of the pop-up bar, which was opened almost a year ago by the name of Shoreditch’s Breaking Bad cocktail bar. It is more commonly known as ABQ in London, and is inspired by the TV serial, Breaking Bad.

Guests arriving will be directed to a locker room to store their personal belongings. Guests  can choose seating arrangements between clothed and “naked and pure.”  Semi-nude staff will serve the guests.

Talking about the ongoing social experiment of launching a unique kind of restaurant, Lyall said, “Eating without clothes is now an ‘act of rebellion’ in the modern world. Even though humans get naked all the time.”  Lyall is determined to create an entirely natural environment, where both the restaurant and kitchen will be run without gas and electricity. All kind of plastics and metal are also banned from the kitchen. The guests will be served food in handmade crockery and proper cutlery.

The word Bunyadi comes from a Hindi term meaning “fundamental or base.” It may refer to celebrate nakedness, but its creator has built-in elements of modesty for diners on the shy side. Mobile phones and photography will be banned. Online reservations for the tickets can be found here.

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