Coca Cola vs. Pepsi

coke-or-pepsi (1)


College of the Desert has selected a new provider for vending services and is now partnered with PepsiCo.

After a committee composed of faculty, staff, and students gathered, Coca-Cola was out shined by Pepsi, and is now available on campus.

So how do COD students feel about this change? Many seem to be missing Coke products, while others are more intrigued at the new selection COD has chosen.

Maldenna Alexander, a student at COD, felt that, “Coke products seem to be what the majority of students seem to like, and in my opinion students might not want to try something new. Coke is a worldwide favorite in my opinion. I prefer to drink Coke.  It seems to give me more energy than drinking Pepsi which is full of gas that gets me tired, and being in class all day, that is not what I want.”

Though all students have their own opinion, the majority seem to not be all that disappointed with the change.

Corinna Santacruz, also a student at COD, seemed to approve of the change in soda. She said, “I enjoy drinking Pepsi although not everyone seems to like it, the flavor seems better and less acid. I used to drink a lot of Coke and after I saw a video on how people use Coke to make their toilet bowls whiter. I tried it myself and it worked! It was disgusting.”

Time will tell to see how the rest of the COD students adapt to the new beverage choice.

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