Canvas replaces Blackboard




A new school year brings along new changes on campus, and this semester at College of the Desert students have been introduced to the new school grading and homework submission website, Canvas.

Students who took summer courses had the opportunity to experiment, practice, and become familiar with the site before most students were able to. When compared to the previous program the school used, Blackboard, it seems to be less effective and harder for students to follow.

A downside to using Canvas rather than Blackboard is the website’s complexity. Blackboard was much more organized and easy to access, while Canvas can be difficult to navigate through. Blackboard was more user friendly, because the tabs were much more organized. With Canvas, sometimes it can be difficult to find assignments and their due dates.

Some students have experienced troubles with finding the proper place to submit their assignment. If in doubt, use the Canvas inbox to email a copy of the assignment to the professor.

Canvas does have its perks too. Like Blackboard, students are given multiple attempts to take a test and the better score is kept.

Unfamiliar things usually present confusion and questions, however through using the website frequently this school year and becoming familiar with it, it should become simpler for students to use.


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