Meet the new Chaparral staff

The Chaparral staff for Fall 2016
The Chaparral staff for Fall 2016



It’s a new semester and The Chaparral news production class is back to work with six returning students and six new students.

This will be Prof. Laurilie Jackson’s second semester as advisor. “All of the students are ready to complete five solid newspapers for the semester,” she said. “We hope more of our faculty, staff and students will check the newspaper out online at and get connected with us through social media.”

Last semester’s current affairs editor, Harry Limonadi, has received a promotion and will be replacing Marina Padilla as Editor-in-Chief. “It’s going to be a wild ride,” he said, but he’s excited about the new semester and is looking forward to what the “new additions of the team decide to do this semester.”

Although Marina is no longer officially part of the class, her passion for journalism and dedication has brought her back to manage The Chaparral social media and offer assistance with production of the newspaper.

Warren Horton also shows his dedication by returning to the Chaparral as production manager even after receiving his associate degree in journalism at COD on May 27, 2016. This will be his third semester as production manager. His knowledge and skill set allows The Chaparral to run smoothly.  He will spend countless hours in the newsroom ensuring that the eight-page newspaper is completed properly.

The Chaparral students have a lot on their plate and will work hard to produce a working Associated Press accredited newspaper. Students have to adhere to strict deadlines, with less than three weeks to complete their stories and create their page for each issue.

The Chaparral students get a taste of what it’s like to run a real, money-making newspaper. Students learn the process of writing stories, having their stories approved, making edits, and creating their page with a desktop publishing program called Quark 2015.

Once all pages are completed in Quark, the PDF files are exported from Quark and then uploaded online to a company called Gannett. After the files are received, Gannett sends them to The Desert Sun to be printed Sunday night. The production manager has the duty of picking up the copies and bringing them to the Chaparral office, which from there are distributed around campus.

The Chaparral will produce five issues throughout the course of the semester. To submit stories or ideas for The Chaparral, email the team at


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