No smoking and less grass on campus?

No smoking sign on campus
“No smoking” sign on campus



On Sept. 13, Kurt Leuschner, a natural resources professor, hosted the first on-campus meeting of the Green Council for the semester.

The meeting took place in the multi-purpose room located in the Cravens Student Services Center. Meetings are held monthly every fall and spring semester from 12:30 p.m to 1:30 p.m. There will be three more meetings for students and faculty members to attend this semester in the multi-purpose room.

The mission of the Green Council, as explained by Professor Leuschner, is to, “make COD greener and more sustainable.”¬†

The agenda for the first meeting was to discuss important changes on campus including the elimination of smoking, grass reduction, and an assessment of the necessity of more bike racks. The agenda also included a discussion about the need for a new student co-chair.

Currently, there are several designated smoking areas on campus. However, smoking may be completely eliminated in the future. This change would likely include the elimination of vaping as well.

Grass reduction is a possibility for the campus in order to reduce water usage, but the expense of labor may not make it possible for COD to take action at this time.

COD students who are interested in making the campus a better environment or taking the student co-chair position should come to the next meeting on Oct. 11. Meeting dates and additional information for the Green Council can be viewed on the COD website.

“Our goal is to make College of the Desert a better place,”¬†Leuschner said.


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