Parking proves to be a problem




Struggling to find a place to park is not a new issue for students at College of the Desert.

Many have faulted the problem of arriving late to class as being due to the fact that they could not find any open spots in the parking lot. Some professors advise students to leave their home earlier in order to avoid being late, however this does not guarantee that students will find a parking space.

If the class times were a bit more staggered, maybe this issue could be avoided. We have to take into account that our campus has 9,993 students. Usually there is a 10 minute gap between the end time of one class and the start time of another. By the time students reach their car and open up more parking spaces, students do not have much time and risk getting to class late.

Not all students attend classes during the same time period. For instance, some students prefer taking morning classes and others prefer night classes.

The first couple of weeks of school generally are the busiest, and many students end up switching and dropping classes. Parking will become easier for students towards the end of the month.  Many students hope to crash classes the first week of school and that increases the school’s population.

Parking permits are required in order to park in a lot, so those students without one will have to park elsewhere or purchase a daily permit. This will open up more spaces for those students that do have one, and parking should not be a big issue for students much longer.

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