Men’s sports enter the final stages of their season.




The weather is starting to change, and so are the sport seasons here at College of the Desert. With basketball and baseball on the cusp of beginning we must first catch up with the sports currently heading towards the end of their seasons.


Last year’s football team was the conference champions. This season has shown tons of promise, just not the ideal results each game.


With a current record of 3-4, the Roadrunners haven’t seen the success on the field like they did last year but there have been plenty of bright spots on the team that make these last three games on the schedule all winnable.


The Roadrunners football team is full of fresh faces that have been playing key contributors on the field so far this season.


This bodes well for a football program that will hopefully return a majority of its talent to have a very talented team on the field next year.


With two home games in November and the weather finally cooling down, it should make for a couple of entertaining Saturday nights at Boone Stadium.


The men’s soccer team has seen their season drag on as they have a record of 3-10 with six more games remaining.


The rough stretch at the beginning of the season may have put their hopes of a winning season out of reach; but it hasn’t stopped them from improving as a team.


The games recently, even though they have not all been in favor of the Roadrunners, have been more competitive with most coming down to the final minutes to determine a winner.


The men’s cross country team has not placed with the best results in their competitions, but the team of runners have bonded and formed the type of atmosphere needed to be a winner in the future.


With a still growing program here at the school and to see the roster size growing each year shows the increased interest in this sport. This shows the potential for growth with the cross-country program.

Roadrunners Quarterback Darius Hulsey looks for a open receiver.
Roadrunners Quarterback Darius Hulsey looks for a open receiver.


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