Women’s sports races towards the end of the season.



With most of the fall sports starting to enter the final stretch of their seasons, it makes for the opportune time to catch up on the women’s sports here at College of the Desert.


The Lady Roadrunner soccer team has put together one of the best seasons in recent history and with a few more games on the schedule there is a chance for the season to be even better.


With a current record of 7-7-1 and in the middle of a four game winning streak, the team still has work to do to catch the top teams in their league.


The team has found a knack for scoring a high amount of goals during their wins, with games of nine, eight, and six scored in the contest.


The team is leading in points and assists by sophomore Madison Decker, and the goal leader is freshmen Melita Pena.


The women’s golf team has had a very successful season so far. Leading the league in individual scores at this point in the season is freshman Li Chi Liu. She has an average score of 75.4 through seven competitions.


She is accompanied in the top five by teammate Kabrea Rosas, who is tied for 3rdplace with an average score of 80.4.


The team has put together a solid group with a handful of other golfers bringing their steady contribution each week.


With two more tournaments remaining before the California Community College Athletic Association Southern California Regionals, the Lady Roadrunners will try to continue at their current pace.


The women’s volleyball team has experienced a season full of ups-and-downs.


The team has had games where they have played great as a unit and dominated the competition at times, but they have not seen their efforts transition to wins.


Currently sitting with a record of 5-10 they have not had the ideal season, but it hasn’t kept them from giving it their all on the court each match and forming a sisterhood on the court.


With one more home game left on the schedule, make sure to get out and show your support for this team and the effort they gave this season. Be sure to attend the final home game scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 8.

A member of the Lady Roadrunner soccer team passes in the ball.
A member of the Lady Roadrunner soccer team passes in the ball.


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