Donald Trump wins 2016 presidential election



Photo courtesy of NBC News People protesting Trump's victory
Photo courtesy of NBC News
People protesting Trump’s victory


On Nov. 8, most of America was left in shock when they learned Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election with 290 electoral votes against Hillary Clinton’s 228 votes.

According to polls leading up to the election, the odds seemed to be in Clinton’s favor. From the shocking election result, many people learned that polls are not accurate and some people were hiding that they were voting for Trump. Though Clinton may have won the popular vote, she was not able to rack up the sufficient amount of electoral votes needed.

On election night, Trump remained in the lead and Clinton subsequently conceded. You could see such a

Photo courtesy of AP Images President elect Donald Trump
Photo courtesy of AP Images
President elect Donald Trump

difference in reactions between Clinton’s and Trump’s supporters. Many of Clinton’s supporters were seen crying and weary over Trump’s victory, whereas Trump supporters happily celebrated.

This came as such a surprise to not only Clinton, who was convinced she would win, but many American citizens who feel fearful for their lives. Many citizens feel personally attacked by some of the comments that Trump has made and label him a sexist, racist, homophobic man who they view as a threat to lead our country. Some illegal immigrants are worried of being deported or being discriminated against.

Since Trump’s victory, many riots have broken out across the nation, and locally, in Palm Springs. On Nov. 12, an anti-Trump rally was held at 5:30 p.m. at Frances Stevens Park. At the rally, a candle lit ceremony was held honoring those who say they are living in fear because of the election resulst. People roamed the streets holding up signs protesting Trump’s win with the slogans “love trumps hate” and “not my president.”

This election showed that America is still divided, however we should all stand together rather than protesting something that is out of our hands. Rioting and making racial, homophobic, or sexist comments does not solve any problems. Instead, it causes more chaos. People should not be so quick to protest, because he has not even gotten into office. We must give him a chance and hope that we can trust him to better our country.


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