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Chicken Pesto Sandwich
Chicken Pesto Sandwich

In this latest issue, the food fetish team stopped by IW Coffee located in Indian Wells. IW has a very quiet atmosphere with a very hipster decor. We were greeted with a friendly and polite staff, however over time the atmosphere in the restaurant became very quiet and awkward.

We found the menu included some tasty and healthy options but was barren of food if you are really hungry wanting more. The drink section was very diverse featuring Italian sodas to lattes.

Price List:

  • Veggie sandwich $7
  • Small vanilla latte $3.65
  • Chicken pesto sandwich $7
  • Medium lemonade $3.75
  • Egg breakfast bagel $5

    Lemonade, Vanilla Latte, Mango and Peach Soda
    Lemonade, Vanilla Latte, Mango and Peach Soda
  • Bacon added with bagel $1.50
  • Medium peach mango italian soda $3.25
  • Pumpkin chai $4

The Pros:

  • Vanilla latte is strong and delicious
  • Chicken pesto is delicious with herbed bread and is very large
  • Pumpkin chai is exceptionally tasty and is like a holiday in a cup
  • Cappuccino is strong but keeps the consumer awake with caffeine
  • Veggie sandwich is very fresh and the addition of hummus increases the quality and taste of the sandwich
  • Chicken pesto sandwich is large and appetizing, with the inclusion of herbed bread being a plus
  • Addition of bacon addition to the breakfast bagel while expensive, resulted in plenty of fresh and crispy bacon

The Cons

  • Lemonade tasted quite watered down
  • Peach mango Italian soda is acceptable at worst, and has a very acquired taste
  • Egg breakfast bagel was only acceptable and is disappointing in appearance
  • Layering of the chicken pesto sandwich was disappointing
  • You won’t be leaving fulfilled in terms of hunger

Although the coffee was very delicious, the food was subpar in our opinion and overpriced for its execution and taste. While many customers seem to enjoy IW’s food, we do not recommend it for a social lunch with college friends, it is definitely a good place for coffee and lattes in the morning.

3.0 out of 5

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