2016 holiday gift guide



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Clueless about what gift to give to your significant other, mother, father, friend, sibling, etc.? Tired of waiting until the last-minute and running to Starbucks for a gift card? Then the following gift idea guide categories are fool-proof.

Phone cases: From glitter to wooden, phone cases are a modern-day gift that work well for most ages. They are relatively inexpensive and are a useful accessory because of their protective, yet stylish nature. One sought after phone case is the LuMee light phone case. The smart phone case includes LED lights that are helpful when taking selfies with the front faced camera. The LuMee is available in a variety of colors for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy ($39.95-$59.95)

Health kick starters: When December is over and January begins, chances are that massive amounts of people are going to splurge on a brand new gym membership. Why not help a friend or family member cut down the costs. Gifts like dumbbells, stability balls, jump ropes and yoga mats are inoffensive gifts that will give them a head start from home. A classic BlenderBottle shaker is a good buy for someone who drinks protein shakes after a workout. One can be found at GNC ($9.99-$17.99)

Electronics: The GoPro ($199.99-$399.99) is a small waterproof camera that is both portable and convenient. There are a few different versions that offer different amenities. The small size makes it easy to capture memories while traveling or on vacation.

Photography: Take someone back to the past with the FujiFilm Instax Mini 8. The small camera captures pictures and prints them seconds later. The concept is similar to the original Polaroid. Although the instant film is sold separately, it can be found in stores at Target or online on Amazon ($59.99 per camera).

Gift cards: This holiday, give the gift of Netflix or Hulu. Gift cards can be found at local retailers like Best Buy or Target. Best Buy offers a Hulu monthly membership gift card from three to six months ($23.97 for three months). Join a loved one and binge watch unlimited TV shows and movies! Pair it with a cheesy holiday card and spread the joy of being a couch potato.

Do it yourself (DIY):  Get creative without splurging. Decorate and customize an ugly Christmas sweater for a best friend or sibling. Find a funky knit sweater from a local thrift shop and gather the following items from a craft store: gold bells, glitter, green felt fabric, red felt fabric, and fabric glue. Show creativity by cutting out different holiday shapes.

Have a sibling or friend that’s away for college? Gather various items that they’d love! Package a customized stocking filled with snacks/food, a Walmart gift card, cozy socks, pajamas, and an interesting book. These items will help a struggling student survive the semester.

College students: Headphones, hoodies, beanies,  insulated coffee mugs and a comfortable pair of trendy sneakers would make a college student’s day (money in a card is another college student friendly alternative to the previous items listed).




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