Beeps not serving students healthy options



Photo: Kyra Mund A list of choices Beep's Cafe offers students
Photo: Kyra Mund
A list of choices Beep’s Cafe offers students
Photo: Kyra Mund The snack bar has a couple of healthy snack options
Photo: Kyra Mund
The snack bar has a couple of healthy snack options
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Salads are an easy and healthy option

College of the Desert campuses should offer healthier food choices for students, especially for those who can not eat many of the items that are on the menu due to health or personal reasons.

My friend Kyra Mund and I decided to eat at Beeps Cafe between classes one day, and found it very difficult to find anything that we could eat on the menu because we are vegan. Except for a plain bagel, every single meal contains either meat or dairy. We went ahead and ordered a breakfast burrito with no cheese, egg, or meat, and asked to add avocado and mushrooms which had an additional charge.

When we went to pay for our burritos which are usually $4.25 with the meat, egg, and cheese included, the lunch lady tried to charge us $7.00. Kyra asked her if she could substitute the vegetables for the meat and dairy, and she said that her boss could not allow that, however she would do it just this once. Her response to the question was, “it’s not our fault you don’t want the meat.”┬áNot only was the burrito much more expensive than it should have been, but it was also half the size without the usual contents.

Students should not be charged almost double the price for vegetables, which are much cheaper to produce than meat and dairy products. It’s┬ácommon sense. According to, “In the U.S., lobbying decides the subsidies not public health or environment. Thus, meat is sold at an artificially low price.” Vegetables require fewer materials to produce than animal products, therefore the meat industry is more expensive and costly. Why am I being charged almost double the price for the cheaper item?

I know that I am not the only vegan or health conscious student on campus, and I feel that many students could benefit from having healthier options. At least a salad would be a nice meal, however the menu even lacks this choice. The only vegan lunch option is a veggie sandwich, which would have to be ordered without mayo. Mund’s thought on the matter is, “The COD cafeteria should provide healthier options at a fair price. Cheeseburgers and pizza aren’t brain food!”

There are so many easy and delicious vegan dishes that could be added to the cafe menu, such as:

  • Kale salad
  • Veggie burrito
  • Soup
  • Tofu
  • Veggie pasta
  • Smoothie bowl

Some students have to stay on campus all day, so it would be nice if everyone’s needs could be accommodated rather than overcharging students in order to fulfill their requests.

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