Behind the scenes: a profile of new sports information specialist




Brian Sylva giving a speech. Photo by Brian Sylva.

As many new freshman athletes have joined the College of the Desert Roadrunners, COD athletics has also welcomed a new member with the knowledge, experience and passion to help the Roadrunners. His name is Brian Sylva, COD’s new sports information specialist.


After nine years of service at San Bernardino Valley College, Sylva became a part of COD athletics in August 2016, to fill the spot of the sports information specialist, which covers various fields such as collecting stats, interviews, taking photos, interacting with media outlets, and social media marketing.


Nearly a decade of experience as a reporter for the Riverside Press-Enterprise covering High School and Community College sports, allows him to expand his field as he also serves as an announcer at sports event.


“There is a lot to do but it’s a fun job. I truly enjoy coming to work everyday,” Sylva said.


Sylva showed his talent for announcing games and dealing with statistical information throughout the fall season. However, he would have never thought he was going to choose this career path when he was a university student.


“I was thinking I was going to be teaching,” Sylva recalls when he earned his bachelor’s degree in history at University of California Riverside. While he was working as a substitute teacher, there was an inconsistency in work and he was looking for other options, according to Sylva. One day his wife found that a college was looking for a sports information specialist and told him, “why don’t you apply this?” It was the beginning of his new career.


“I didn’t know exactly what I was doing,” Sylva remembers his struggles of first few days. “But I grew into the role and with eight years of hard work, I have done my best to become one of the best sports information directors in the states,” Sylva said.


Sylva’s involvement in sports began when he was in high school. He started playing football in his freshman year, but it wasn’t something he was the best at. Although he didn’t play much, he enjoyed being on the bench as he said, “fun[ny] thing of being on the bench was that I could always talk to cheerleaders, and I developed interpersonal communication skills that way.”


Want to read his articles? Go to and find sports stories. Photos and interviews are available on twitter @COD_Athletics.

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