How to survive finals



No need to fear final week is here. Photo courtesy of Pexels.

It’s that time of the semester again!  Finals week is perhaps the most terrifying week college students encounter. We all depend on the hard work put in throughout the semester to pay off during finals.

That being said, here are some tips to ease your mind and help you stay on track during finals week.

• Review ALL your notes – Don’t be overwhelmed by all the notes you have. Start slow and make mental notes in the things you don’t remember often than the others. Also, look over them more than once.

• Review old tests and quizzes – If your final is cumulative, it is likely to have some of the same questions from prior tests and quizzes.

• When making mental notes, create rhymes or mnemonic devices. According to research done by Gerald R. Miller, these are surefire ways to increase your memory retention rate while studying.

•  According to, take a 10 minute break for every 40 to 90 minutes spent studying.

• Form a study group, by working together and sharing notes you will be able to cover more content in a shorter time.

• Limit yourself to the amount of distractions around you – Trust me, you will get a lot more done.

• Make notecards and have someone quiz you – Practice makes perfect.

• Listen to soothing music – It will help you relax, be calm and focus much better.

•Get a solid eight hours of sleep before your exams. Dr. Philip Alapat, medical director of the Harris Health Sleep Disorders Center, states that this will improve both memory recall and concentration ability, both which are crucial when taking finals.

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