Neil Young released “Peace Trail”



Photo: AP Images
Neil Young performs at the 30th Annual Bridge School Benefit Concert at the Shoreline Amphitheater on Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016, in Mountain View, Calif.

Neil Young performing weekend 2 of Desert Trip

Photo: AP Images Neil Young at Desert Trip weekend one wearing his "Earth" shirt
Photo: AP Images
Neil Young at Desert Trip weekend one wearing his “Earth” shirt

Singer-songwriter Neil Young released his 37th studio album “Peace Trail” on Dec 9.

“Peace Trail” is a prequel to Young’s latest album release “Earth,” which is focused around the fact that we need to respect Mother Earth and do our part to help save our planet. He even incorporated this universal theme in his Desert Trip performance, where he threw bags of seeds to the crowd and rocked a shirt reading “Earth” the first weekend and “Water is Life” the second. He also featured some of his new tracks in his performance, including “Terrorist Suicide Hang Gliders,” “Show Me,” “Texas Rangers” and “Peace Trail”.

Young sings in his new single “My Pledge” that he feels that he is lost in this generation, which is rapidly growing and becoming much more technologically advanced. He also incorporates this idea in “My New Robot” where he sings about ordering a robot off of, ironically mocking our futuristic generation where people are so dependent on the Internet.

“Peace Trail” has already gotten much criticism, because it was recorded over only four days and sounds more like a rehearsal rather than a studio album. Some say that it sounds sloppy, unfinished and corny, however Young’s main focus with this album is to get his message out, and he did just that. Young is not afraid to express his feelings in his music, which he should receive respect for, rather than criticism.


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