People need to take the environment seriously



Photo: AP Images
Activists stage a protest against man-made emissions of carbon dioxide and other global warming gases, at the COP22 climate change conference in Marrakech, Wednesday, Nov 16, 2016

Environmental issues—global warming and climate change, specifically—should be the number one priority of every single national and state government. It is the biggest concern we face as humans. We are already starting to experience the impacts we have on our world, and it will only grow worse as the years pass.

With our new President-elect Donald Trump, progress that has been made is in danger of being wasted completely. The idea that the president of the United States, one of the biggest greenhouse gas emission contributors, could make claims that global climate change is nothing but a hoax is reprehensible. We have made immense progress with our renewable energy sources, starting to make the move away from non-renewable sources that put the world in danger.

How will that be affected once Trump is inaugurated? This is a man who owns stock in oil, presenting a major conflict of interest. According to Forbes, he owns stock in the controversial and debated Dakota Pipeline. Any decisions made by his administration needs to be watched carefully by the American people. The Obama administration has made the right decisions, and hopefully the incoming Trump administration has learned from these actions.

Now, more than ever, the citizens of our country need to make an effort to protect our environment. People need to stand with the people of Standing Rock and other activists; they need to send letters to their representatives and we must stay educated on the issues that matter. If enough people use their voices, others will have no choice but to listen.

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