Food Review: Grilla-A-Bruger



New burgers are only a short drive away. Located on the corner of Monterey and Country Club, a new burger joint called Grill-A-Burger is offering good burgers for a reasonable price.

The restaurant itself plays off the phrase Grill-A-Burger, sounding like Gorilla Burger. It has a jungle theme similar to the Rainforest Cafe; complete with stuffed Gorillas to add to the appearance. The menu is large and offers a variety of food from full-sized burgers to mini burgers. It also includes chicken, turkey, salmon and veggie sandwiches for a healthier option. Of course, salad is also a choice for those looking for something lighter. One unique feature of this shop is the option of a gluten-free bun, or a lettuce wrapped sandwich.

The serving size is good for the price and the names for each burger are creative. For music lovers, the “Gagapalooza” burger includes provolone cheese and Italian prosciutto to pay respects to pop star Lady Gaga’s Italian heritage. The “Burgerzilla” is a triple patty burger perfect for the hungriest of college students. For people looking for something a little healthier, the “Mother-Clucker” is a chicken sandwich that doesn’t compromise on flavor.

This restaurant offers indoor or patio seating and is great for college students looking to break up the usual fast food routine. The large menu is great for giving customers a variety of different meals to try. Fun atmosphere and good food are sure to satisfy even the wildest of appetites.

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