Male ambassadors for major cosmetic brands



Makeup artist Manny Gutierrez. Photo courtesy of AP Images.

Calling all makeup lovers! The boys are changing the game. On Oct. 12, 2016, 17 year old, James Charles, made history being announced as the very first male ambassador for CoverGirl’s new CoverBoy.

In recent events on Jan. 6, 2017 Maybelline took note making well known YouTuber Manny Gutierrez (aka Manny Mua), 25 years old, as the first ever Maybelline male ambassador.

James Charles came out with the “So Lashy Blast PRO mascara” the day he was announced CoverGirl’s very first male ambassador. Charles made a TV commercial pushing gender equality as the main focus to this project. The day Manny Mua was announced the first ever male ambassador for Maybelline, he came out with the “Big Shot mascara” helping promote “That Boss Life” campaign.

With cosmetic brands shining light on the boys in the makeup world, not only are they showing gender equality, they are selling their own products that give makeup lovers a taste of makeup they are into. Popular cosmetic brands such as Jeffree Star, Ofra, Make Up Geek and Benefit has teamed up with male beauty sensations to come out with collaborations that signify that beauty has no gender.

Cosmetic brands are revamping to start new trends in 2017 to produce more diverse products and recognize new inspiration. Get with the trend.

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