New app matches people based on dislikes



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Today it’s not uncommon to meet people on dating apps. Most websites match people based on what they like, but a new dating app called HaterDater is matching people based on what they hate.

This app brings up different topics like Donald Trump, Adam Sandler movies and boy bands. Swiping down to hate it, left to dislike, up to love and right to like. Then two people are matched based on a percentage of shared disliked topics. Hater used the Tinder system of swiping through matches before messaging them. Not only can people browse their matches’ pictures but their shared hated topics. This new approach is sure to bring users to the app.

The free app requires a Facebook to use. This feature isn’t new to people who use apps like Tinder, which also uses a Facebook account to verify people are who they say they are. In the app, users can load pictures and narrow down their matches with different preferences. These categories include gender, age range and location range. Once two users are matched, they can start messaging each other.

Meet new love interests based on hating the same movies, TV shows or celebrities. The new app can help with potential deal breakers like political differences and loving or hating the Kardashians. The app is available now for iSO users and launches this spring for the Android Market. Dating apps are becoming more widely accepted, so meeting someone special is easier than ever.

Let HaterDater find someone special based on hate.

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