Lady Gaga takes over for Beyoncé



Lady Gaga performs at the 59th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2017, in Los Angeles. Photo courtesy of AP images

Coachella Music and Arts Festival fans were shocked when it was announced that Beyoncé couldn’t perform this April because of doctor’s orders regarding her pregnancy. Five days later, Goldenvoice announced that Lady Gaga will be replacing Beyoncé and headline the festival April 15 and 22.

In early February Beyoncé dropped a bombshell on social media by announcing that she was expecting twins with her husband, Jay Z. The couple has a history of shocking the world. At the 2011 MTV Music Awards she announced her pregnancy with Blue Ivy Carter. The 35-year-old singer has been vocal about her fertility issues. Before her daughter was born in 2012, she suffered a miscarriage. Multiple sources have confirmed that the couple conceived through IVF, a medical procedure that has allowed many struggling women have a baby. At first Beyoncé was insisting that she could still perform but her doctor has cleared her from performing so far into her pregnancy.

The singer released her most recent album Lemonade in 2016. She has hinted that she will return to Coachella in 2018. While the Beehive, Beyoncé’s fans, are disappointed, Goldenvoice worked fast to find a replacement. In the wake of the news many festival goers demanded a refund for their tickets. Hoping to ease the transition, Goldenvoice quickly booked pop star Lady Gaga to take Beyoncé’s place.

‘Mother Monster’, as Gaga’s fans refer to her as, is coming off two major performances, the Super Bowl and the Grammy’s. Earlier this year Gaga released her new album Joanne. She joins fellow headliners Radiohead and Kendrick Lamar at the Coachella festival. Lady Gaga is going to be the first female headliner in ten years, the last being Bjork in 2007. With Gaga’s experience putting on performances, the crowd is expecting a show. According to officials are finalizing plans to bring Gaga’s massive production to the desert, preparing to give a Coachella-worthy performance.

Many fans were looking forward to seeing Beyoncé at the festival and were heartbroken over her departure from the lineup. Replacing Beyoncé is no easy task; however, Lady Gaga is up to take the challenge. She has proven that she can give high energy performances and keep the crowd wanting more.

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