Tips for a healthier semester



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New year, new semester. Don’t tack on the “freshman 15” this year. College students are changing the way they eat and live their life. According here eight tips for a healthy, easy and affordable semester.

  • Drink a lot of water. Starting out the day with a glass of room temperature water with a lemon wedge will give you the energy to wake up and get fit. Drink water throughout the day.
  • Plan ahead. Most college students are always on the go with busy schedules. Packing your lunch or dinner is a helpful tip in order to prevent buying fast food. It saves time and money.
  • Avoid dairy, gluten, sugar and processed food. Skip putting cream and sugar in your coffee, instead opt for almond or coconut milk.
  • Eat a light and early dinner. Try not to eat past seven o’clock, According to, if a late night study snack is necessary, try going for something light like broccoli and chicken. A lighter and more nutritious option will minimize digestive problems.
  • Get Sweaty. Gym memberships can be costly, make use of the outdoors by going for a jog at the park or look up YouTube workout videos. Sweating helps get rid of the bad toxins throughout the body.
  • Breathe Deeply. Deep breaths help calm the mind and help with focus. This also doubles up as a stress reliever.
  • Go to bed early. Getting as much rest as possible is good for the body and mind. According to the Huffington Post, going to bed early has many health benefits, such as, worrying less, getting along better with people, being more productive at work and school and building a healthy immune system.
  • Create a meal plan and stick to it. This will help with consistency. The more prepared the better.

Stay healthy and focused throughout the semester!


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