Coachella rocks the fashion world



Local student models Coachella fashion at Desert X exhibit ‘The Circle of Land and Sky’


The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has always been music and art coming together to give festival goers a unique experience. One of the most talked about elements is the fashion that sets the trends for the rest of the season.

Coachella fashion always features classic boho styles with new emerging trends. Mixing classic bohemian classics like the bralette with a denim jacket is only the beginning of the endless combinations possible this season.

Keep cool and fashionable with classics like a flowy maxi dress or skirt. Pair with a season must-have, like a denim jacket to tie the outfit together.

Rompers are a festival favorite. Fashion stores like Forever 21, H&M, Papaya, and Charlotte Russe are stocking up on rompers for every style.

Kimonos are a great accessory. They can be used to spice up any outfit and are versatile when it comes to the mixed Coachella weather.

For both men and women, an easy look is distressed t-shirts with an edge, paired with wide-brimmed hats to help protect from the harsh sun and comfortable shoes for walking around. Wearing your favorite comfortable sneakers can help with the long walks around the festival. Sandals are not recommended. They leave feet vulnerable to getting stepped on by other festival-goers.

Men can get into the Coachella spirit by embracing colorful patterns paired with  favorite cut off shorts to keep cool. Trends for men include using unusual pieces like ponchos, overalls or even crop tops. Don’t be afraid to use creativity to DIY an outfit that will stand out. Men can also take the traditional route by wearing a simple button-up shirt with a stand-out pattern, shorts and sandals or sneakers. Whether one is looking to stand out or just keep cool, there are plenty of ways to keep up with the festival trends.

Locals know that the valley is prone to extreme temperature swings. During the day temperatures can reach the mid 90s, but when the sun goes down they can drop to the 60s. Visitors sometimes make the mistake of wearing clothes only to keep them cool during the day, being forced to deal with the cold and often windy nights or buy expensive merchandise to keep warm. During the day, wearing light fabrics and breathable clothes will help with keeping cool during the day and packing a light jacket or flannel is a must to stay warm at night.

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