COD student living his dream

All photos courtesy of Luis Contreras’ Instagram @theluiscon



College of the Desert (COD) student Luis Contreras born in Morelos, Mexico. He has little memories from that time, being as he only lived there for about a year. Living most of his life in the Coachella Valley has lit a flame for capturing his dreams with photography, with a little help from the Obama administration. The DREAM Act which stands for Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors has helped fund a portion of his higher education. The legislative proposal helped Contreras and his family immensely. Pursuing business administration at COD, he hopes to someday own his own camera shop. Contreras has been featured via several well-established social media platforms throughout the Coachella Valley.

Contreras explains where his love affair with this passion began, “I first got into photography in high school, I was part of a wonderful program called the Digital Arts Technology Academy (DATA) which gave us [students] the opportunity to further our knowledge in our choice of either journalism, film or photo. Since then, I have loved photography.” At a young age, he was fully immersed into something that would one day carry him away with artful expression. When Contreras was asked what he enjoyed photographing the most, his response was: “Landscape and night photography have always been my go to topic. I love getting out there and waiting for the perfect light right before sunset or right after sunrise to complement the beauty of a landscape. As well as going out in the middle of the night to star gaze and wait as an exposure finishes up and I can witness how beautiful our night sky can be.”

A dedicated and determined student, Contreras has not only invested in his future education, but he shoots all of his photographs with an essential investment camera, a Canon 5D Mark iii.

“I finally stepped it up to a pro level camera and I hope I can make the best of it and continue to show others my art,” said Contreras. His love for both education and art have opened doors of opportunity for his future. A dream being put into action.

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