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Courtesy of Alejandro Meza Aguilar
Photos courtesy of Alejandro Meza Aguilar

On March 14, FIND (Food in Need of Distribution) Food Bank recently teamed up with College of the Desert (COD) in an effort to share health advice, teach student how to shop on a budget and to deliver free food to students who are in need.

FIND (Find Food Bank) is the only food bank in the Coachella Valley. They have been around for 30 years. FIND is partners with community based organizations in Eastern Riverside and Southern San Bernardino counties to serve an average of 90,000 people per month to battle food insecurity in the US. FIND comes to COD every second Tuesday of the month.

FIND also held a workshop at the Palm Desert campus on March 14 with nutritionists Nikol Ocampo and Marc Payán, creators of the exercise regimen Payán X. The workshop gave students free groceries and recipes to help give them an understanding of how their daily diet should be composed. Nikol Ocampo said, “Students should make a menu for themselves and their families so they can can make a grocery list of what to buy for a month.” She recommends students focus their menus on lots of fruits and vegetables.

Marc Payán created the Payán X workout regimen that consists of four sections that focus on the social aspects of people. The first section is composed of forgiveness, gratitude and self-awareness. The second section is resilience, optimism and heroism. The third section is curiosity, ingenuity and love. The final section is self-control, self-awareness and passion.

Payán shows people the physical and mental health of being active and well. He told students to, “Identify what drives them and avoid the path of least resistance.” Marc has recently expanded his message to Cathedral City High School.

VIDEO Interview FIND Food Bank and COD.

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