Hot apps for college students



iPhone filled with apps (Photo by courtesy of Pexels)

College students have one important tool they use: Technology. With smart phones, laptops and tablets, students are able to make the most with their busy schedules. Most smart phones have access to apps that can help students study and keep up with the latest trends, order food online and music apps to keep students connected with their favorite artists.

For studying and homework helping apps, Dropbox is a favorite that a majority of people have to help organize pictures, notes and documents. According to, Scribd is the world’s biggest library that organizes books and documents to every topic needed for classes. Another favorite is Cliffnotes. This app gives a synopsis for every chapter in any book. A hot new app Mathaway is a step-by-step guide for math.

For girls who are too busy to keep up on the latest fashion and make-up trends, apps like Bellashoot gives out new product reviews, tutorials, and tips from favorite beauty bloggers. For fashion lover’s, Keep shows the latest fashion trends and where to buy them. A recent app discovery called Lifebooker is the beauty groupon. According to, this app gives you 30% off beauty treatments and deals under $20. Make sure to check out Lifebooker before spending hundreds of dollars at salons. Find a smokey eye or lipstick that you like? Take a picture and upload it to GlamScout to find out the exact shade and brand name.

Too much homework and studying? Every student needs a snack break to help get them through long sessions. Without wasting time to go pick up food, downloading these food delivery apps may help. According to Seamless is a food delivery app that also has discounts and the delivery fee is very low. Some other apps are Grubhub, Doordash, Foodler, and the most popular here in the desert, Postmates.

College students are prone to look up the latest music. Keeping up with favorite artists and songs can be hard when students are busy at school. World’s favorite app, Pandora is a must. Spotify is a personal playlist maker and downloads new songs from artists. Don’t know the name of a song? Download Shazam and find the song name by pressing a simple button. Local artists need attention too. Download Soundcloud and hear music that is being produced locally.

Just because college students are hard at work, doesn’t mean they can’t keep up with the trends. Download these apps to help stay on trend.

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