Valley students bring back retro music



“Cerebrotonia” album cover (Courtesy of Eye Candy)

Two Palm Desert students are bringing retro music into the valley. The new style of music is Psychodellic Shoegaze. Shoegaze is a rock genre of the late ’80s and early ’90s named after the common practice of the genre of bands to stand still and sing on stage. The genre’s sound is defined by its loud guitars, effective use of vocal effects and quiet vocals.

College of the Desert student Juan Palencia and high school student Mitchel Kerr started their band Eye Candy when they met in high school. Juan composes the music and sings while Mitchel plays the drums. Juan Palencia said,“I started writing my own songs on GarageBand when I was 14 and then I began playing guitar once I finally bought one.” Mitchel Kerr said, “It’s been nine years since I started playing drums.” Their interests in band My Bloody Valentine inspired their role in playing Shoegaze music.

Although they set themselves apart from other Shoegaze bands by setting a twist in every show they play. The sound of their music can be described as ‘Drone pop’. Juan’s plans with Eyecandy are to play gigs and tour to become more than just a bedroom project. Michael has over detailed plans that he says “are too extensive to say.”

Juan and Michael wrote their new album Cerebrotonia in December of 2015 and began recording in August of 2016. They named the album out of intrigue in the mystery the word cultivated. Juan and Michael said, “Cerebrotonia was inspired by the DIY culture of music in the writing and recording process and the intention is the act of making music for the purpose of creating an artistic narrative that was honest with displaying the state of character an individual carries.”

Juan studies and works part-time while attending his 2nd year of College of the Desert, and Mitchel works a part-time job working with the schedule of his independent studies. Their new album Cerebrotonia is out now in their SoundCloud Eyecandyusa or catch then playing at Smooth Transition Inc. in Desert Hot Springs on June 3.

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