COD Student Life to hold upcoming election



Upcoming Elections held May 2 & 3


Student Life will be holding elections for the Associated Students for College of the Desert (ASCOD) on May 2 and 3 for the positions of Student President, Board of Trustee, Executive of Communication, Student Senator and Executive of Student Affairs.

The main goals of ASCOD are “…To promote higher education, a sense of community, diversity, student involvement and act as your liaison to the faculty, administration and state, to ensure that the needs of the students both social and educational, are enhanced and met.”

Each role in the ASCOD has their own responsibility, for example, Executive of Communication works closely with the Public Relations Office, KCOD and The Chaparral to get the word out about upcoming events. The Executive of Academic Affairs focuses on the Academic aspects of the school like class schedules and sizes.

COD wants student feedback and ASCOD is a way of providing that information by acting as a liaison between the students and administration between all campuses around the Coachella Valley. By doing this, the students have the power to shape how the college evolves even if the changes are not immediate.

ASCOD is behind a lot of student services that are here at the campus, for example, extending hours of operations for many services, making sure students have Wi-fi access and making sure safety is being considered here on campus. They even spearheaded the plEDGE program, which allows local high school graduates from the class of 2017 to attend first year at COD tuition free.

“Student Life is not just student government, it’s a way to enhance your experience here at College of the Desert” said Interim Director of Student Life, Joseph M. Aguirre. He is not a stranger to student government, serving as a former Student Senator for Riverside Community College in 1992. Aguirre wants to focus on student representation for the school and shared governing between the students and administration. He also stated that this helps creates a seamless transition between transferring to a four-year school or their next job for students involved in ASCOD.

For anyone interested running for next semester the requirements are as stated: They must be a currently enrolled student carrying at least six units at College of the Desert, must have successfully completed a minimum of six units the previous semester, Executive Officers must have at least a 2.5 GPA, both cumulatively and for the current term and Student Senators must have at least a 2.0 GPA, both cumulatively and for the current term.

Students at the Palm Desert Campus outside of the Student Life building, next to the Dinning Hall. If one is unable to make it to the Palm Desert campus, they will have computer terminals set up for students to vote located on the satellite campuses in Indio and Thermal/Mecca. Another way for students to vote is online under Student Life-ASCOD.

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