Comic shops are alive in Palm Desert



Comic book store owners Sid Johnson and Chicks Halay-ay (Photo courtesy of James Toscano)

There are many places you can visit to pass the time and read a book about history, romance and science in writing, but what about having it all set in color and in action? Comic shops are out there and in Palm Desert there are two unique stores called Desert Oasis Comics and Comic Asylum.

While both stores are near each other in Palm Desert, they are far from competitors and help each other out when needed.

Desert Oasis Comics has been open for almost six years and has become a well-known comic book store thanks to efforts from owner Sid Johnson. Sid would always be looking for label artists to help out, as well as being part of community events, such as Free Comic Book Day, which will be held on May 6 at his store. Sid said he decided to open Desert Oasis Comics because he felt that he needed to do something that he was passionate about. After having worked a stressful job as an human resource director, he chose to open up his own business.

Desert Oasis Comics is located on the corner of Sage and Highway 111 in Palm Desert.

Comic Asylum is another store that first opened in 2003  in Downtown Palm Springs, with the intent to open another store. On May 18 of 2016 that vision came true when the Palm Desert store opened. 

With a lot of demand for comics still in the air, Comic Asylum owners Chicks and Jovel Halay-ay started selling comics together, hosting events and raffles for frequent customers to bring people in. These raffles would have rewards such as items in the store, restaurant gift certificates, Palm Springs Comic Con passes.

The store carries both old and new comics of all kinds, along with Certified Collectibles Group graded books, action figures and more. They have new releases every Wednesday and are always recommending new titles to those who visit. Comic Asylum is located on San Pablo Avenue in Palm Desert next to Tri-A-Bike.

Comic shops are a different way to escape to another world, similar to how literature can, and these stores are only a couple of the few locations in the Coachella Valley that offer such a vast selection to choose from.

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