Ideas for celebrating graduation



Photo Courtesy of Pexels

Congratulations class of 2017. School is finished and it’s time to think about the future. Before moving on through life’s journey, every graduate needs to celebrate and have some fun.

Start out celebrating small. Going out to dinner with friends and family will feel special and intimate. There are many restaurants in the desert that love to help celebrate accomplishments. Some nearby locations are The Cheesecake Factory, Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse and Red Robin. Buy yourself something special for all the hard work put into your academics. Apple has a student discount if you’d like to reward yourself with new technology.

Living in the desert takes a toll when it’s 100 degrees outside and no beaches within walking distance. Gather some friends and take a road trip to the nearest beach. If the beach isn’t a personal preference, go to an amusement park. There are four amusement parks within a 2 hour driving distance. Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Knott’s Berry Farm and Castle Park. Every year Disneyland decorates their park to a graduation theme making it extra special. Disneyland also has graduation souvenirs. Disneyland tickets start out at $97.

If you want to save some money, throw a party at your house or a park with some food and drinks. Look up some awesome graduation party ideas on Pinterest. Having a potluck is another great tip on saving cash. Every graduate needs to celebrate their accomplishments, big or small. Gather some friends and family and go celebrate!

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