COD student fears for family in Houston



Flooding caused by Harvey in Texas

Photo Courtesy of AP images

Hurricane Harvey left behind destruction and pain. The storm hit lives hard all over the US including the Coachella Valley. According to CNN, this phenomenon has been the largest rainfall registered after Wilma in 2005.

The weather channel states, all tropical cyclones were broken by this one. With winds of 130 mph and rainfall of up to 52 inches, Harvey devastated Texas on Aug. 25. Its landfall was categorized as number four; effecting areas from southeast Texas to southwest Louisiana.

Like other tropical storms the rainfall caused innocent deaths and material losses. Over 40 deaths were registered; two rescuers died while saving families from drowning. According to the article, “What’s happening in Houston and beyond”: The latest on Harvey states, “… a veteran Houston police officer who died on a flooded highway while trying to report for duty on Sunday.” Up to 40,000 homes extremely damaged and 7,000 completely destroyed. As that being not enough sadness for thousands of people who lived a living nightmare.

COD student, Cristian Robles has family in Houston. He said, “knowing that loved ones were in danger placed me in a difficult state of mind.” Robles didn’t know how to help his family in Texas. Communication was a challenge. “As I was trying to call my aunt I was sent straight to voicemail and social media was not an option for me since she doesn’t use any type.” Robles was even thinking about not coming to school this semester, all he had in mind was helping his family in any way possible. His mother and others made him realize that going over there wasn’t the best idea, as he had to keep going with school. Now that Harvey is over he is able to communicate with his aunt. Knowing that she is safe with only material damage was a relief for Robles.

No one was left alone, shelters were provided and even though deaths happened, many people showed support in one way or another. Houston was flooded with donations and many prayers from celebrities and people all over the world.

As Harvey comes to an end, the people are starting to re-build and despite their damages.

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