Palm Desert considers lifting pot dispensary ban

Marijuana leaves in a grow house.

photo credit: AP Images

By Maya Casas

Local Writer

Palm Desert’s City Council is re-evaluating its current ban on dispensaries since the passing of Proposition 64 which legalizes the use of recreational marijuana. The city is now on a path towards opening up some recreational dispensaries. The topic was discussed in a meeting on Aug. 24 where the idea of lifting the ban was proposed. According to the city’s website, the ordinance lifting the ban was sent back for further editing

The city also came up with a “Cannabis Committee” to help plan out the progress. The city would also have the opportunity to apply for state grants possibly worth one billion dollars that would go towards the dispensaries.

According to some scientific reports, marijuana is not as dangerous as alcohol, tobacco and opioids. It can even help to replace the need for opioids, which are proven to be extremely addictive and are easy to get as a patient or not. The residents of Palm Desert seem to be making an effort to take this argument to their council members, and it might actually be working.

According to The Desert Sun, the council members have been discussing exactly who will be the contenders to open these dispensaries. That is still up in the air. Members are also discussing the number of dispensary licenses that will be distributed.

The Council’s approval of dispensaries has its advantages. The lift on the ban and the production of dispensaries in Palm Desert will result in more revenue for the city and above all offer more job opportunities for individuals who live in the area, including advertisement, web design, sales and more. The 2016 Marijuana Business Factbook shows 90% of medical and recreational dispensaries are profitable or break even. An added bonus for the residents who like to ‘spark up’ in Palm Desert is that they won’t have to worry about driving farther away from their home city. California as a whole will be issuing licenses in Jan. of 2018. There is still time for Palm Desert to work out the details.



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