Bungie’s Destiny 2 makes a huge impact in the gaming world



Poster for Bungie’s Destiny 2

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Created by Luis E. Castellanos

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When Bungie first released its world-renowned video game known as “Destiny” it quickly made an impact through console gamers. Releasing for both Sony platforms Playstation 3 and 4 as well as Microsoft’s both platforms the XBOX 360 and One on Sept. 9, 2014.

“Destiny” quickly became a huge hit throughout the three years it has been available with Bungie releasing new content including huge expansions “The Taken King” and “Rise of Iron.” Through its enormous success Bungie decided to release a sequel to its first game, “Destiny 2.”

The game has only been out for a couple of weeks, releasing for both the PS4 and XBOX One and soon coming to PC later in October and the game has already been placed for hundreds of video game awards, some might even call it the best shooter of 2017.

“Destiny 2” starts right where “Destiny” left off and Bungie created a genius way to have their players in game to start from the beginning losing all of their gear that they acquired throughout their time playing “Destiny.” An area in which Bungie definitely improved was their story line which was something that greatly lacked throughout their first video game. The story line has large amounts of cut scenes and great cinematography as well as new characters throughout playing the campaign. “Destiny” has always been a game that is strong in both Player Versus Environment (PVE) and Player Versus Player (PVP) and in “Destiny 2” they have been widely improved. Some changes across the video game was made including “Guided Games.” Guided Games are when a solo player can link up with other people in the “Destiny 2” system to pass levels that would before be impossible to complete without other teammates. “Destiny” and “Destiny 2” are both games created to play with other people, limiting the level cap you can reach by yourself.

Both games require teamwork and help from others to access and fully enjoy the game one must have a set group of at least 6 to progress through the entire game, without it some players may be missing out on a huge part of the story. Besides the changes among the playing system, Bungie has also revamped their graphics and created four new beautifully created worlds in which players will traverse through the story. The scenic views as well as the heightened action amongst those world create an amazing environment that any gamer would love to play in.

“Destiny 2” was released on September 6, 2017 for the PS4 and XBOX One and will release on PC later this October.

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