COD introduces “Yoga on the Lawn”

Photo courtesy of Lorena Ayeni

COD Students attend Yoga on the Lawn, class led by Professor Rebecca Vineyard

By Kristen McCarthy

Campus Life Editor

Students, staff and faculty are invited to a free yoga session every Monday and Wednesday morning at 7. a.m. This event takes place in front of the HILB on the front lawn of College of the Desert Palm Desert Campus.

College of the Desert’s Office of Student Life and the Kinesiology Department have teamed up to introduce this one hour yoga class that will be taking place all semester long. Yoga mats are provided and it is encouraged to bring water. In the event of rain the class will be held in Kinesiology 104.

Yoga on the lawn has two teachers who alternate sessions, Professor Rebecca Vineyard and Student Marcello Martinez. Martinez is also a teacher at Yoga Central in La Quinta and 24 Hour Fitness in Indio. Yoga helps to build strength, stamina and flexibility. Students can benefit greatly from the knowledgeable and comprehensive teaching techniques that yoga offers. This class welcomes beginners and experienced students as well.

College life can include a busy schedule and high stress classes. This low intensity one hour workout is a convenient way for students to relax. This yoga experience can help students to feel centered and rejuvenated.

“One of the greatest known benefits of yoga is its potential to relieve stress,” says Grace Bullock, PhD. “In terms of flexibility, yoga was most often related to improvements in flexibility in the lumbar spine and hamstrings. For strength, evidence shows that postures like downward facing may strengthen abdominal musculature, whereas positions like warrior pose and chair pose enhance gluteus maximus muscle strength.”

Yoga on the Lawn instructors teaches techniques to contribute to mental and spiritual abilities.  Yoga provides stress relief, physical fitness and self reflection. It is important to find time to exercise, so take this opportunity to invite friends and explore the world of yoga. The yoga on the lawn series will be ongoing all semester, with the last class taking place on Dec. 13.

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