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3DPIT’s booth at COD’s Club Rush

Photo Courtesy of College of the Desert


3DPIT members

Photo Courtesy of College of the Desert

By Luis E. Castellanos

Staff Writer

College of the Desert is known for having plenty of clubs on campus. The Office of Student Life oversees all clubs on campus and has roughly thirty clubs chartered every year. Last year a new club was formed, 3DPIT. 3DPIT is a club intended for the usage of a 3D printer and to introduce the technology of the printer to design educational models and explore the innovation in the field of 3D designing.

The idea of this club was pitched by Diego Garibay. Garibay came across the idea when the DSPS office first began to create 3D models for math professors to present to students with visual impairments. Garibay and Mr. Jonathan Gorges, instructional computer support specialist, were the first to have the idea to create the club. From an interview with Diego, the usage of the 3D printer in the DSPS office planted the idea to have a personal 3D printer for students to freely explore.

Gorges was kind enough to give a couple words regarding his club. Gorges stated that the benefit of the club is to create an environment for students that are highly interested in the new technology such as 3D printing. According to Gorges, the 3D printer that is currently being used by the club and is currently located in the library can be used by any student with the interest in new technology as long as they are a part of the club. The 3D printer that is being used was generously discounted to be purchased by the club with funds that were given by the Office of Student Life.

The intended idea of the club is to create a “Maker’s Space.” A “Maker’s Space” is an environment where students can freely go to use the printer. The only precaution students have to do is a quick safety and operational training before use. The usage for the printer includes creating tactile models to be used by students with a disability enhancing the teaching that they are being given in a classroom as well as allowing students with vivid imaginations to recreate their mental idea into a physical object.

Diego Garibay is the current president for the club, 3DPIT and was open for an interview. In the interview, Garibay was extremely content with the progress of the club itself. Starting from something as simple of only acquiring a 3D printer for the club has become a huge impact for all students on campus racking up over 170 students signing up for the club during our Fall Club Rush. Garibay who is a blind student has benefitted greatly from the club, allowing him and any other student with visual impairments to learn certain things that would be impossible for them.

Models such as mountain ranges and a topographical table of elements to give an idea for these students. Garibay stated, “I am incredibly pleased with how the club has grown and will continue to grow. Plus allowing students such as myself the access to experience things that would previously wouldn’t be able to.

3DPIT is in full motion and will continue to meet throughout the school year. If you are interested you can go straight to the Office of Student Life to acquire the proper information to join the club or you can follow them on Twitter @the3dpit or their Instagram @3dpit.

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