COD enters golf cart into Palm Desert’s annual Golf Cart Parade



College of the Desert’s float entry in 2016

Photo courtesy of College of the Desert

College of the Desert is entering in the Palm Desert annual Golf Cart Parade again this year. The parade is scheduled for noon on Sunday Oct. 29 and will be held on El Paseo.

This is Palm Desert’s 53rd annual Golf Cart Parade and for many years COD has been a participant. COD initiates its involvement in the parade. According to Director of Student Life Joseph Aguirre, COD’s participation helps form community partnerships and collaborations as well as giving it the opportunity to showcase the campus. Student Life Assistant Lorena Ayeni stated, “It’s a great way for students to get involved and participate in putting something together that is a representative of the college.” She also states how it brings groups from the school together such as the Architecture Club, Student Life and more.

The parade is held for fun and lets businesses, schools and other organizations promote themselves through a decorative golf cart. It also allows COD students to participate with the school in the community. There is also a Golf Cart decorating day on Oct. 28 and the parade’s theme is ‘desert safari’. Anybody from the school is welcome to come and participate in the creation and planning of the golf cart.

This years float is made up of people dressed up as animals in lab coats, nursing scrubs, etc. There is a large piñata of a roadrunner along with some other animals. The float is put together by students and staff but also with the help of the parents of Ana Soto-Trujillo, COD’s Senior Program Specialist. According to Ayeni, Soto-Trujillo’s parents are experienced in the making of piñatas. Any student or staff member from COD is allowed to participate in upcoming years if they feel interested and would like to. All they have to do is get in touch with the Office of Student Life.

According to The Parade’s website it has been going on since the 1960’s and now has 15,000-30,000 attenders. It was started by locals for fun and became a success. It was originally a Christmas parade called “Christmas in July” where the golf carts were decorated with Christmas decorations.



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