Google introduces Pixel Buds



Google’s Juston Payne talks about Google Pixel Buds at a Google event at the SFJAZZ Center in San Francisco.

Photo Courtesy of AP Images

The future is here. Imagine being able to understand anybody in the world, without knowing how to speak the language.

Google has decided to turn this dream into a reality, with the introduction of the Google Pixel Buds, their answer to the Apple AirPods. While the Pixel Buds are wireless, they are connected to each other with a cord, which makes them easy to wear around your neck. The Pixel Buds are intelligent. Connecting wirelessly to an Android phone, they are able to use voice recognition and use Google assistant. The Pixel Buds have a battery life of about 5 hours. The included case can hold up to 5 charges, providing around 24 hours of listening time. The Pixel Buds will be charged through a USB-C cable.

While connected with a phone, the buds will be able to use Google Assistant to control music, receive directions, answer phone calls and much more. The Pixel Buds will make use of swipe and motion controls. For an android device running Marshmallow, they will automatically connect as soon as their case is opened, Google is calling this feature Fast Pair.

Pixel Buds include a translation feature, they are able to translate up to 40 languages. However, the real time translation feature is a Pixel and Pixel Xl feature. The real time translation will also work with last years Pixel and Pixel Xl smartphones. The Pixel Buds themselves will work with other phones. The Pixel Buds require at least Android 5.0, and iOS 10 for iPhone. Additionally, Google Assistant will work with Android phones running Marshmallow, and iPhones will require the dedicated app available on the App Store. When connected to an Android phone, they are able to be updated. However they will not receive updates if they are connected with a iPhone.

The Pixel Buds are currently available for pre order, and they are expected to go on sale in November. They will come in three colors, Just Black, Clearly White and Kinda Blue.  They will be priced at $159 around the same price as the Apple AirPods.

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