The real reason why math drives us crazy!





Many students at COD study for all subjects for their transfer requirements and major. One of the toughest subjects to study for many is math. Mathematics is difficult because there are more rules and scienctific methods to memorize. Many students at College of the Desert admit that they have a hard time with assignments and midterms in math.

Many students find mathematics difficult because they might not have the right skills for it. Yafet Garcia, assistant of the Tutoring and Academic Skills Center (TASC) believes “Students have a hard time studying for math because it’s a lot of material to remember and sometimes students don’t have a good foundation and skills in math classes.”

Marlene Schneider, who is a math tutor at COD says, “I think it’s difficult because the professors go really fast while lecturing all the material. There are always students who learn everything the professor lectured on, but sometimes they forget the material. I also think sometimes students don’t pass much in math because they don’t like it and they don’t study hard enough to succeed.”

COD student, Maya Casas says, “I think it’s hard because you need more material to study for, you need to do your homework and it takes time to learn the steps.” COD student, believes “Math is hard because there are too many equations and formulas to remember.”

But there are ways to get better at mathematics. TASC on campus is available and has math tutors to help students struggling with the subject.

Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) Tutor Angelica Diaz says, “I hear students with good comments, and I hear that it’s always busy there. There’s a lot of individualization with students and tutors, and I also say students spend lots of one on one time with the tutors.” Going to TASC can help students improve their mathematics skills.

Mathematics is not for everyone or for most students.

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