Nursing and Public Safety students graduate and experience Mercy Air

Students observe Mercy Air presentation at COD.

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Fry



On Dec. 18, roughly 22-23 students out of 30 let into the COD nursing program will get pinned at the traditional pinning ceremony that started in 1883 when Florence Nightingale received the Red Cross from Queen Victoria. This has been tradition since she solved death from injury rates in the Crimea war by two-thirds. The pin, all different per school, represents the amazing work nurses do and their commitment to patient care.

At the ceremony held at he McCallum Theatre, both President Kinnamon and Director of Nursing, Carol Scobie will both speak and present the pins to the graduating students, marking the end of their journey at COD. This year for the first time ever the foundation has donated stethoscopes to all graduating students, branded with the college’s logo.

At this same time Public Safety will also have graduating students, to follow their prospective career paths. COD is also congratulating a higher percentage of students transferring at this point in the year than any year in COD’s history.

Pre-graduation, nursing, public safety and any students who wanted to attend were given the treat of getting to view and learn about flight nursing from the pilot, nurse, and two paramedics from Mercy Air, in order to expand their horizons of what they could do with their degree. The crew landed a helicopter on the COD baseball field, with help from public safety in order to give their tour of the craft and their speech. The largest thing they spoke on was what attributes it took to be apart of the air lift team, in which they stressed how calm and cool under pressure you needed to be, especially in that environment.

Following Mercy Air, Meagan Beavers gave a presentation about forensic nursing in PS-18, in order to give in-depth insight to any considering the field or just curious. She spoke about the hardships faced in investigating accidental deaths and sexual assault case, and what you need to be able to handle to be successful in the field. Another topic covered was domestic violence nursing and what those types of nurses need to be able to be the best in the field, even during those uncomfortable situations.

A special thanks is given to Meagan Beavers, Mercy Air, Administration, and Public Safety in order for making these things happen and run smoothly. Nursing and other departments do events like this both semesters, so if you missed out this time, be sure to watch out next semester.

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