COD hosts first annual sports banquet

Photo courtesy of College of the Desert



College of the Desert held their very first sports banquet for any sports season ever. Sports teams at College of the Desert used to simply hold small banquets for each independent team meetings for their respective awards at the end of the season.

The banquet was held at our very own basketball gym on Dec. 6th, 2017 at 5:30 P.M. The banquet had provided the attendees with water and small snacks to keep them at bay. The banquet recognized six different sports teams including both men and women’s cross country, men and women’s soccer, women’s golf, volleyball, and football. The sports banquet brought in about 100 players, family, friends, and staff to the event.

The event allowed each coach to reflect a little about their accomplishments through the season as well as highlight their players by presenting some with awards throughout the night. The night carried and awards were given. Pictures were taken and everyone went on their way at the end of the night.

The banquet was a success for all COD athletes as it was something new and exciting to bring more unity amongst campus. Banquets like this are a tradition within the valley for most high school athletics programs, in which athletes and coaches get together from every sport in order to congratulate and reward each other. A lot of athletes have questioned over the years why this event was not happening, because for many it was the highlight of their year, so while moving up in their sports career having it stripped seemed unrealistic.

Holding this event does a lot for a players self confidence by recognizing them, not only in front of their team, but in front of all other athletes so that they are recognized by the community. This has been the direction a lot of athletes and administrators have wanted to go in for a while and is a huge plus for the COD athletics community. 

College of the Desert athletic staff has done a tremendous job putting this on, according to what was stated during this event, a spring sports banquet will be coming as well. Food was also promised for the next one, since that is the only portion of the event that was missing.

A special thanks to everyone amongst the athletic staff for their continued support throughout sports. Thank you to Gary Plunkett, Director of Kinesiology and Athletics; Angel Meraz, Athletic Counselor; Huitzi Montalvo, Sr. Equipment Manager; Jill Buttles, Athletic Program Asst.; Judy Howard, Administrative Assistant; Brian Sylva, Sports Information Specialist; Todd Conger, Athletic Trainer; Valerie Calderon, Athletic Trainer; and Brenda Valdez Nava, Part-Time Athletic Trainer.

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