COD stars reflect on their seasons



Photo Courtesy of the Chaparral

Quarterback Noah Shoeman

Major: Business

Performance Rate: I give myself, probably a two out of five. I definitely could of improved on my decision-making, close to the end of the season I threw a lot of interceptions at the end. That i could of avoided.

Future Plans: I love to get a scholarship. Anywhere they take me.

Favorite Memory: Definitely the Antelope Valley game. it was the fourth game of the year and we were down by 22 points with 15 seconds left in the third quarter and we came back and won it in four overtimes.

Photo Courtesy of COD Athletics

Linebacker Austin Holt

Major: Liberal Arts

Performance Rate: Ten out of ten.

Future Plans: At a university, play for two years there and then i’ll get to the NFL. I’m still getting offers [from universities].

Favorite Memory: Probably some of the sacks i got and big hits. In big games where I hit the quarterback real hard.

Photo Courtesy of Angel Gloria

O-Lineman Angel Gloria

Major: Liberal Arts

Performance Rate: I think I have to improve in my speed and strength.

Future Plans: I plan to get a football scholarship and eventually end up with a bachelors in kinesiology.

Favorite Memory: Happiest memory from this past season, was beating Santa Barbara at our own home field after they beat us baldy last year, and having fun at practice with the Pork Rinds (Roadrunners’ Offensive Line nickname).

Photo Courtesy of the Chaparral

Setter Ashtyn Lyneis

Major: Kinesiology

Performance Rate: I think I had a pretty decent season.

Future Plans: [Playing] volleyball, either indoors or sand at a four-year university.

Favorite Memory: [We] rushed the court and I fell over because there were so many [teammates] jumping on me that I couldn’t hold myself up. (Referring to placing second in the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference.)

Photo Courtesy of COD Athletics

Defender Zeus Rico

Major: Kinesiology

Performance Rate: Six out of ten. There was a lot of improvements being made towards the end of the season.

Future Plans: If I get scouted to play then I’m going to that university, but right now I’m thinking about staying a third year to take my pre-requisites to become a physical therapist.

Favorite Memory: Getting new uniforms with my teammates.

Photo Courtesy of COD Athletics

Forward Jianna Guerrero

Major: Kinesiology

Performance Rate: I give myself seven out of ten because i know i could of done better this season by pushing myself a little bit more.

Future Plans: To work my ways up to accomplishing my educational goal which is majoring in kinesiology.

Best Memory: When i was playing with LQHS junior year and we were losing 1-0 to PHDS and i came in and scored two goals to win.







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