Inspecting Carol


Photo Courtesy of the Chaparral
Bobby is hunched over because his character is faking an injury.

Photo Courtesy of the Chaparral



“Inspecting Carol” is humorous and dives into the social issue of politics and art when a theater company tries to satisfy a stranger who they suspect is the inspector. Everything starts to become a mess for the small theater company. “Inspecting Carol”

The students in the play embodied the comedy of the play by the atmosphere they created in their role. The production value of the set was executed brilliantly in working with minimal props and focusing more on costumes.  The humor comes from the tension the actors build up through their genuine expressions such as when Walter [played by Nissandre] is seems visibly embarrassed in when put in a diaper and sombrero for Larry’s plans. Although Lee expresses true unfiltered stress and rage when his character Kevin is screaming at Zorah about being broke.

Jake portrayed the main character Wayne as a pushy wannabe actor and demonstrated his strengths in method acting in the scene when Wayne eats a suppository. He states, “I think it [method acting]  worked. There is this part in the play in which I eat a suppository. It’s supposed to be a suppository and the thing I actually eat is pretty gross. It was black licorice so it was a pretty natural reaction”.

Bobby who plays Phil, the character in love with Zorah, highlights every comedic scene with his organically portrayed lines. Bobby adds, “It’s basically the whole sequence of the knocker scene that I like.Once I started doing it [acting] I got into my character.I don’t think we have any pretty weird ritual like pray to the dark lord Beelzebub.”

The first night was a major hit in having show sold out. The production was pretty fast paced and captivating the audience through every scene. There wasn’t a moment when nobody laughed or wasn’t glued on the edge of their seat. Janet Miller’s production of “Inspecting Carol” was successful in emphasizing the strengths of the College of the Desert new budding and established actors. After working with the students for months, and having worked through schedule conflicts, Janet Miller says “I would love to work with my younger actors again”.

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