Students are ready for winter break



Fall 2017 semester is coming to an end. What comes after hard work, dedication and long nights of study and sometimes no sleep? College of the Desert students told us what their plans are for winter break.

The COD main online page states that each semester about 10,000 ungraduate students are enrolled at COD. At this time of the semester most of them are working on final projects and getting ready for finals. With that said, some people would think this is the smoother time for college students yet that’s not quite right, as for some students this is the toughest point as they are stressing about classes, work and exams.

COD student, Nelly Lopez states, “I’m currently a full-time student with four classes, I have no time for fun. this is literally a great time for me because I will soon get a break but I can’t help stressing out with final exams.” She also tell us what plans she has after overcoming finals. “I was thinking about taking some winter classes but I think I have had enough, I will instead just relax take some time to myself and enjoy family, with Christmas around the corner I think that is the best thing to do.” Lopez mentions, that’s all she has thought about doing for this winter break, but doesn’t know if her plans will work her way.

Dedi Sinaga, another COD student tells us what he will be doing this winter break. “I am excited for this semester to be over, as it means I am just about to accomplish another semester, I am hoping I get good grades rather than bad ones.”  At this point he is still working on assignments and deadlines. He mentions, “For winter break I will just keep working and do volunteer work at “Revivals store.” I have planed a trip to New York and Utah as well.” More over, he doesn’t leave Christmas out of his list, he says he will go to church and have a Christmas party. Also, he will take a break from school and wait for Spring classes to be an active college student again.

After months of hard work most students want to enjoy time to themselves. Some of them stay local and look for things to do here in the Valley while others opt to enjoy different panoramas.

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