Students prepare for finals week



Finals are here and many students are getting stressed out because their class grade is low or they don’t know what’s going to be on the final exam. However, students find ways to deal with stress during this busy time.

Many students get a limited amount of sleep and study more for their finals. COD student, Kyle Ji says, “For students to do well and pass on their final exams they need to sleep a little and study a lot for exams and assignments. Many students would sleep less and study a lot more in order to pass the class.”

Finals week is very stressful because it’s the last week to get your grades up and make up for what you missed. But there are ways to help students overcome stress during final exams.

COD student, Alexia Mersola says, “For a student to be prepared for the final, they should use lots of note cards or they can use a pack of note cards and color code note cards according to topics and chapters.”  It’s helpful that a student should buy note cards to study the chapters for topics and subjects or they can print review sheets from Canvas. The COD bookstore and the Solutions Kiosk by the Pollock Theater has note cards you can buy for cheap price that would be helpful to study for your exams.

Students at least take their time to study for their exams. Getting good grades takes time and effort while studying. Communications Professor Carl Chrismas says, “For students to be stress free for finals they need to work on time management. If you take your time, it would be less stressful when taking exams. Use that stress when you are studying so the final will be taken with confidence and you will take care of yourself.”

Finals are Dec. 11-Dec. 15. Students are studying with determination to really succeed in their classes.

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