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You want to be in film? Adjunct Faculty, Radio/TV Vincent Sassone has created a new film certificate and degree program at College of the Desert.  The program is a pathway for students to be in film. Classes are available to register for Spring 2018 at all College of the Desert locations (East, West and Central Palm Desert campus).

How did this idea of the program start? Sassone explains, “There have been film courses here for about 14 years, but there was never anything here to pull it all together and to me screenwriting would do that.  Because, it is the beginning of the film, it is where film begins and it is also the heart of the story telling.”  He goes on to say,” So we are really building a storytelling program that just happens to use film as its medium.”

What devices are being used?  Class provides iPads and iPhones to use.  Sassone proceeds to say, “Let’s talk about renaming the program.  Up until now everything has been listed under Radio and Television that probably dates back to 1970.  What the program will be now on courses going forward will not be RTV it will be FTV, Film, Television and Electronic media.”  

What about living and working in our community?  Sassone talks about, “First of all before setting out and writing the program.  We needed to get labor statistics.  In the U.S. Department of Labor it points out certain areas of growth, pertaining to this program.  In one in terms of people that produce film and video has grown and projected to grow 11% over the years 2014 and 2024.  That would be producers, directors, editors, writers and even higher than that.  We are getting to the point of all social media and utilizing video where people realize it starts with writing and that it has to come from writing it all the content is important.”  Sassone further says, “That feeds into all these jobs.   I’m an adjunct and made a living a little bit of teaching. But mostly past 10 years or so by making videos for people. I have my own production company.  I know it can be done and know you can make money by doing it.”

“Along with the creative side we teach business and to teach people how to make a living doing it.”

If you want to be in film you can start by registering in film classes term: Spring 2018 located in WebAdvisor under the subject: Radio and Television.  Sassone explains, “the certificate program there actual are two things: a basic certificate and there is an A.A. degree.  Those will be ready and for students to start in the fall.  Thereafter the advance degree will be in place for the spring.”  He adds, “Anyone who has taken these classes previously, once the certificate and degree are in place anything they have done previously will count towards that certificate and A.A.”  For more information contact Vincent Sassone for any questions regarding wanting to be in film via email:  

There is more!  Sassone shares more and he expresses his ideas on using social media, saying, “I want to build a Facebook page for the programs and I want to create a YouTube channel for the students films.”  “Oh, and by the way we are having our first student film festival on December 11, 2017!”


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