Digicom and COD to create Digital Media Regional Center

“This form of learning fosters critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration.”



Photo courtesy of Digicom Learning

College of the Desert and Digicom CEO David Vogel have made an agreement to add a media installment into the upcoming West Valley campus. COD’s administration and Digicom plan to create a Regional Center for Digital Media Education.

This center is believed to be the cornerstone of the West Valley Campus that has been in the works for a couple of years now. Digicom was created by Vogel after he served as President of Walt Disney Disney Pictures for 10 years. In 2010 he was awarded with the title of “Ambasador” by the Palm Springs Unified School District (PSUSD) for his creative media contributions in the classroom for the valley’s youth.

Digicom specializes in making short videos where teachers and students alike can interact through the learning process. Their belief is that the generation struggles through traditional teaching because they easily tune out. Creating an environment where students create their own short videos adds a fun and entertaining way for them to engage in learning. This form of learning “fosters critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration,” according to Digicom.

Photo courtesy of College of the Desert. Digicom Learning CEO David Vogel speaks at State of the College Jan. 24, 2018.

Mardi Hagar, a teacher at Nellie Coffman Middle School states, “my students are so engaged as they try to make their stories come to life. It is really neat to see how excited they are each day and how much they are helping each other out. Using video is empowering in the classroom. Yes it does take some time and effort, but after seeing the end result, it is so worth the time. The students take such pride in what they are creating.” With so many students being so technological nowadays, it is hard to try to keep them with the simplicity of pen and paper. Digicom has created a more modern way of teaching that this generation can benefit from.

COD being able to work with Digicom is a tremendous opportunity for the entire community because Digicom has associated with the PSUSD for the past ten years and has garnished national, statewide and regional recognition as a best practice in providing training and education in digital media and digital storytelling. This partnership between Digicom and COD was announced at the State of the College event on Jan. 24, 2018 and will also have an incorporation of all K-12 PSUSD faculty.

Both parties hope to engage the business community in the creation of the center to ensure that our students are provided with workplace experience in the application of digital media and digital storytelling to a variety of industry clusters in the region. The building of this center will help digital media students higher their education in the given field where previously otherwise unable.

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