Local alumna creates a ‘Garden of Flags’ for COD



Photo courtesy of College of the Desert

Sarah Scheideman, COD alumna, has worked together with the college to create an art piece for COD’s 60th Anniversary celebration. The so-called Garden of Flags was first made public during the 2018 State of the College event on Jan. 24. The flags were initially supposed to be taken down after the celebration, but received such good feedback that they were kept up for an extra week so students could also take a peek.

The Garden of Flags consists of no less than 6,000 flags and took 4 working days to be put together. Scheideman hopes that students who are interested in doing installation art or site specific work can join her in the next series.

“I really enjoy this, it’s rewarding to come back as an alumna and do something creative and artistic that could also attract interest or creativity for other students to follow down a path similar to me or to join me on future projects,” Scheideman said.

Despite it being her full-time job now, Scheideman hasn’t always known what she wanted to do in life. After graduating from Desert Hot Springs High School, she transferred to COD where she found her passion for installation art. “It was in the screen printing class where I got the idea that you don’t have to be a painter or an illustrator to be an artist, because I am truly neither of those. I learned that art functions in many different ways. I like to be physical in making things and I think [that class] opened my eyes that art can be bigger than yourself.”

According to Scheideman, the key to success is hard work. “The number one thing in art is that the end product is really pretty, but the labor to get there; all the work, ideas, beginning and even finishing a project is hard. You really have to stick it out and go all the way through with it. Otherwise you are cheating yourself and you are cheating the world at large that would look at it.”

She also gives tips for students who want to pursue a career in art, but are yet uncertain: “If you feel creative try as many things as you can and if you don’t fit into one particular box that is totally ok, because there is space for everyone to create anything and there is an audience for you if you are genuine and authentic and you stick to it.”

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