New library coming soon



Photo courtesy of College of the Desert

In 2020, construction of the College of the Desert library should be well underway and a new library will be close to operating from the center of the Palm Desert campus for the first time since 1996. All this will be done to help students and provide access to them so they will not have to walk across campus for help.

Librarian at College of the Desert Library, Jon Fernald said, “the building will have three floors, the top floor for Tutoring and Academic Skills Center (TASC), the middle floor for the library, and the last floor for extra classrooms.” Students will be able to write and print essays on the top floor and walk downstairs to the library for useful resources.

The library will return back to campus for reading, tutoring and closer access. Local COD student, Kayla Benavides said, “I am excited and I’m sure new students will enjoy this new building.”

Fernald also explained this project will take some time to be completed. “It’s been pushed to 2019, but likelihood it could happen around 2020, it’s a big project,” said Fernald. Interest for the future project first came from former College of the Desert President Jerry Patton.

“We’ve been waiting a long time for this, about a good eight years and we’re really, really excited,” said Fernald. Major construction on campus is expected to start 2019.

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