Spotify introduces new music app



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Deciding what music to listen to while in the right mood is always a hassle. Spotify has announced that they will be experimenting with a new app called Stations. It was a quiet launch with current testing only available in Australia. The hope with a quiet launch, is that by the time it hits the United States or any other county, a lot of the bugs will be worked out.

Stations is marked as a quick and easy way to just tune into playlists without the hassle of the extra steps it takes to find just the right song or right playlist. Once logged onto the app, Spotify has announced that the app should play as soon as it starts. With the playlists displayed in large fonts and the ability to scroll up and down through them, they eliminate the ability to scroll through songs. Spotify has left open many options for app holders.

Keeping true to Spotify, they’ve kept a few playlists that their original app offers, “Today’s Top Hits” and “Motivation.” The same concept of “hearting” songs allows the apps algorithm to adjust the songs in the playlist to your specified listening preferences. If you are logged into your Spotify account, you will be automatically logged into Stations. Stations will be free to use but like other apps, if you don’t have Premium you will get the ads.

Test or not, Stations is Spotify’s new weapon to hopefully combat the competitive music world.  In an effort to pull Pandora’s millions away  some may find no hassle listening works best with Spotify’s new app.

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