Tutoring Center moving to HILB



Photo courtesy of College of the Desert

As we approach the middle of the semester, many COD students are making their way to the Tutoring and Academic Skills Center (TASC) to get help in math, writing, science and foreign languages. The Center will soon have a new home in a centrally located facility on campus.

The TASC/ASC building has been a place for students to seek help from tutors. Construction has begun and renovations are underway to move the center to The Hilb. The HILB will become beneficial to students who are looking for tutoring assistance, technology services or simply a place for their studies.

Daniel Aucutt, TASC Director said, “The move was deemed beneficial for students to combine both TASC and the main library.” Not only will the HILB be the new tutoring center, but it will also serve as the new COD library. The projected date for renovation completion is Fall 2019, but the realities of civic construction in California will probably push that date into the early twenties, as in the twenty twenties.” Aucutt said.

Not only will the HILB be a better tutoring center for students, it will also be a nicer environment for the tutors. Statistics tutor, Joshua Pontious said, “I think that the TASC center moving to the HILB is an intelligent economic decision because TASC will soon be at the heart of the college.” The tutors will be able to tutor other students in a larger area, compared to the regular TASC building.

The HILB will also be equipped with new improvements in the tutoring center.  Aucutt said, “The TASC move from its present location to the renovated HILB will provide significant improvements in space allocation for student and tutor interactions, combined with an aesthetically stimulating environment that is conducive to learning.”

Although the plans have been made for the tutoring center moving to the HILB, there are unknown answers as to what will happen to the old TASC building,’ Aucutt said, “The preeminent needs of COD students will be weighed in consideration of what the existing TASC/ASC building will be used after we leave. That question will ultimately be decided by many committees and Master Planning considerations. We have a lot of real estate to offer!” COD hopes the old TASC building will be a beneficial educational area for students and faculty.

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